Birthday Present for Ted

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Amy Anderssen

Revised version copyright 2008 by the author.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is another one of my former magazine stories, long out of print, back now in a polished-up version.

This story is about me and Ted. Ted is my regular massage therapist, and also my good friend. It just goes to show how the Internet has changed life, because I probably wouldn’t have met him any other way. I’m in my early thirties and I don’t run into that many people his age. Ted is fifty-nine years old, about my height, with a shock of silver hair and twinkly blue eyes. His gently craggy face and friendly smile give him the look of a kind grandfather, which in fact he is.

Ted’s body isn’t like those of most grandfathers, though. He works out regularly and has the wide shoulder, thick arms and chiseled pectorals to show for it. He came out late in life after being married and having children, and says he’s trying to make up for lost time. He retired early after a successful corporate career, went to massage school and got his license. Bodywork for him is an agreeable hobby. “You meet lots of interesting people,” he says, with a wink.

I’ve learned all of this about Ted during many regular therapy sessions. From the beginning he’s been delightful and charming, and really easy to talk to. I’ve told him lots of things I only share with people I trust.

Ted makes me feel physically good too, of course, and, to be honest, it’s more than just because he’s an expert at massage. He has some special techniques that work like a charm if you want to feel totally relaxed. I went to him the first time not knowing for sure what to expect, but since I had met him in an M4M chat room, I thought he might be willing to do more than just rub me down.

I don’t grill potential therapists about their looks and cock size, or ask them to send a picture over the Net. It’s insulting to treat someone like that. Ted was honest about his age and what he looked like when we chatted, disarmingly so. I decided to give him a try.

When I got to his modest house and knocked Ted answered the door, smiling, dressed in a polo shirt and khaki shorts.

“Welcome, Brian. Come on in.”

He showed me to the massage room and said, “You know the routine.” He left me to get ready. I stripped and got face down on the table.

Although Ted had left me a draping towel, he didn’t say anything when he came back and saw that I wasn’t using it. He went right to work.

His strokes were thorough, slow and soothing. I noticed that he paid a lot of attention to my butt, his fingers frequently brushing my crack. It felt good and I didn’t mind. By the time Ted was finished with my back side, I was pleasantly horny as well as relaxed. He asked me to turn over and I complied. I had quite a boner on by then, but figured he wouldn’t be bothered by it.

Sure enough, Ted didn’t miss a beat, but kept right on with the massage. His strokes soon became more and more sensual. In a few minutes I was breathing deeply, my cock hard and leaking. I wasn’t surprised when he took my erection into his hand and began to stroke it. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the pleasurable sensations of a good hand job.

Then I felt Ted’s other hand gently pushing on one of my thighs. I responded to his unspoken request and spread my legs, raising my knees a bit. While he continued stroking me Ted began to probe underneath my balls. A moment later my eyes flew open in surprise as he pushed one finger into my asshole. The combined sensation of being jacked off and penetrated was electric. When Ted’s finger began pressing on my prostate I went over the edge, groaning as cum flew from my dick and splashed over my chest and belly.

Slowly my breathing returned to normal and I opened my eyes. Ted looked at me. “How are you doing?” he asked.

“Whew. Great,” I replied. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” He took what was supposed to be my draping towel and gently blotted up the cum with it. “You came a lot.”

“God, yes.” I said, “Your finger kind of took me by surprise.”

“I could tell you enjoyed that.”

“Do they have a butt play unit in massage school?” I teased.

He chuckled and shook his head. “Just something I kind of figured out on my own.”

I felt drained and content. Ted was an expert at massage, and the little extra he was willing to provide was something special. He hugged me when I left and said he hoped I would come back. I’d already decided that I would.

Our next massage didn’t take place as soon as I would have liked, but soon I began to see Ted on a regular basis. Since we had established that I enjoyed his sensual play, he was less restrained about it.

It was about our fourth or fifth session when Ted surprised me again. That day, as usual, he worked a long time on my ass. While I was still lying on my stomach, he slipped a finger inside me and gently but thoroughly güvenilir bahis massaged my prostate until I was moaning with pleasure.

Later, when I was on my back and he began to stroke my cock, on an impulse I reached out and ran my hand over his body. In response, Ted slipped his clothes off piece by piece until he too was naked. That was when I discovered how diligently he kept in shape. He had a nice cock, long and circumcised. Judging by how hard it was he was enjoying himself too. He used his hands and fingers again to bring me to a shattering orgasm–I saw stars.

Slowly coming down from my high, I opened my eyes and saw Ted getting dressed. He handed me a towel, smiled at me in his usual way and left to let me get myself together.

We sat in the living room of his house afterward. I asked Ted how he had learned his skills. He said that it was just a part of self-discovery and exploring his own body and needs. Since he was so expert at making that part of a man’s body feel good did he enjoyed receiving as much as giving? His answer surprised me. He had only been a bottom once, and didn’t enjoy it, he said. Why not? I asked.

His smile tightened, and he told me a disturbing story. He had known a few years into his marriage that he was gay, but had stayed with his wife until his children were grown. They went through some rocky times when he came out, but managed to stay friends.

After their divorce was final, he started trying to meet people in bars. It’s not so easy to do that when you’re past forty. Finally one night he hooked up with someone who seemed nice and went home with him. That was a major mistake. The guy was drunk and horny and wanted to fuck Ted. Hoping to talk him out of it, Ted told him he was a virgin, which made his partner even more excited. The upshot of it was that he forced Ted into the act.

Ted had trouble telling what came next. The guy wouldn’t stop, no matter how much Ted begged him. The pain was excruciating, but he bore it somehow until his partner came in his ass and pulled out. When Ted said to him, “you raped me,” the guy got ugly and told him to put his clothes on and leave. Ted could barely walk, but somehow made it to an all-night convenience store and called a cab to take him back to the bar, where he had left his car.

Since then, no surprise, he’d been scared to try it again. For a long time he only did hand jobs and oral sex. He wouldn’t fuck anyone, recoiling at the thought of putting someone through what he’d had to endure. Finally, a few years back, he had met a man he really liked who begged him to fuck him. His partner’s ecstasy made him realize it was possible to enjoy getting fucked. After some cautious exploration with his own finger he had discovered some of the pleasures of ass play. But he still hadn’t had the nerve to try taking another cock inside him.

I couldn’t get what Ted had told me out of my mind. It made me sad and angry. It’s bad enough to be taunted or bashed by straight homophobes, but Ted had been abused by someone with whom he thought he was safe. The bastard had made him afraid of an act that should be fun and pleasurable.

An idea began to grow in my brain. Ted wasn’t my usual type. I had never thought about making it with someone so much older than me. But I enjoyed being with him, and just the thought of a session on his table made me hard. He liked me too, and by now, we knew what turned each other on as much as if we were lovers.

I knew that Ted’s sixtieth birthday was coming up. He had mentioned it as a big occasion –he was taking some time to go visit his grown daughter and her family out of state. After making sure I wasn’t interfering with any plans he had, I booked an appointment with him a few days before he was going to leave.

By now, our massage sessions had gotten to the point where the state board would have revoked Ted’s license had anyone known. We were both naked throughout and I played with his body and cock as well. He never came, though. I think that was his way of keeping some boundaries, as weird as that may sound. He did all his regular massage strokes as thoroughly and carefully as ever until the very end of the hour. He insisted that I “had to get my money’s worth.”

I appreciated Ted’s determination to keep some professionalism in our relationship, and respected his limits. But when I went to his house a few days before his birthday, I’d decided to cross a line. I hoped Ted would understand that this was my way of telling him thanks for making me feel good, and for being such a good friend.

Our session went as always, until the end of the hour neared and we began our sensual play. Today I sat up, turned and put my arms around him. Ted stood still for a moment, surprised, but then returned the hug.

I nuzzled at his neck and throat, gradually working my way to his mouth. When I placed my lips türkçe bahis on his, Ted momentarily resisted, then yielded. My tongue slipped in and tangled with his in a long, languid kiss. We finally broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes. Ted was smiling but looked a bit taken aback.

“Was that all right?” I asked him.

He nodded. “Really nice, Brian. You just took me by surprise.”

I ran my hands down his back. “Consider this a birthday present from me.”

“A birthday kiss. How sweet.”

“I want to give you more than a kiss, Ted.” He raised his eyebrows. I went for broke. “I want to fuck you.”

I heard his quick intake of breath. “Why?” he asked, after a moment.

I stood and hugged him again. “I thought about what that guy did to you. I want to show you it doesn’t have to be like that.” My hands gripped his firm butt.

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.”

I shook my head. “I’m not asking out of pity. You’re a fucking hot stud.” I took his hand and placed it on my cock. “Does this feel like a mercy fuck to you?” I grinned.

He sighed, and dropped his forehead onto my shoulder. In a low voice he said, “I’ve… I’ve thought about what it might be like with you. You’re a nice man–and you have a beautiful cock.”

“Then please let me. I want to so bad.”

“I don’t have any rubbers.”

“I brought some along, just in case you said yes.”

At that he smiled. “How I can say no to a birthday present? Tell me what to do.”

I was elated. In a flash I was on my knees, taking his cock into my mouth for the very first time. I blew him in long sweet strokes as he moaned softly and stroked my head.

After a few moments I looked up. “Why don’t you get up on the table, on your back.”

He obeyed. “Keep your butt close to the edge,” I instructed him. I’d thought about this scene over and over in my mind and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I positioned myself between his upraised legs and grabbed his ankles. Ted looked anxious. “Go slow, okay, Brian?”

I smiled at him. “Not to worry, hot man. We’ll give you lots of time to get loosened up.” I bent down and began to kiss the backs of his thighs alternately, working my way down to his butt, nipping and licking it. I spread his cheeks with my hands. Ted’s ass was entirely smooth and there was only a little light-colored hair in his crack. I could clearly see the pink pucker of his asshole and I made my way toward it with my mouth.

“Brian, you don’t have to do that.”

I looked up at him. “Believe me, Ted, I want to. Just relax and trust me, okay?”

I bent down again and began to lick circles around the hole with my tongue, making them smaller and smaller until I felt the velvety smoothness of his asshole. I teased it, flicking my tongue at it lightly at first, then pushing harder, working my way inside. I heard a sound, which after a moment I realized was Ted moaning. This was going to be okay.

I reached up with one hand and took hold of Ted’s hard cock while I kept rimming him. I gave him a few strokes and his hand gripped mine. “Don’t,” he said, “I’ll come right now if you keep on doing that.”

“Okay,” I said in a muffled voice as I let go, my mouth still pressed against his hole. That must have tickled because he giggled. I worked on him for a while longer, then straightened up and looked down. Ted was smiling, a bit bashful. “That was wonderful.”

My face was covered with spit. I took the back of my hand and wiped my mouth with an exaggerated gesture, then wiggled my tongue at him. “You taste great.”

Ted laughed. “You’re terrible,” he said, shaking his head.

“Step Two coming up.” I went to the pile of clothes I had left on a nearby chair, and rummaged in my pants pocket until I found the condom and small tube of water-soluble lube I had brought. I brought them back to the table where Ted lay, his legs dangling over the edge of the table. I put the wrapped rubber down next to him, then squeezed some of the jelly onto my hand. “Okay, big guy. Legs up.”

He obeyed and I spread the lubricant on his hole, drawing a whistle of surprise. “That’s cold,” Ted said, raising his head to look.

I nodded. “We’ll warm you up in a minute.” I took my index finger and slowly pushed it in an inch or so. Ted’s head dropped back to the table, his mouth opened and his eyes closed.

“Okay?” I asked. He nodded silently.

I slid my finger back and forth, very gently, feeling him loosen. When I thought he was ready, I withdrew it and, again moving very slowly, pushed two fingers in. Ted’s breathing deepened. I crooked my fingers upward and found the firm knob of his prostate. As I pressed on it I saw Ted’s cock, which had softened slightly, harden again and spring up. “Oh my,” he gasped.

I smiled. “Doing okay?”

“Wonderful,” he breathed. güvenilir bahis siteleri “I never thought it could feel like this.”

“Now you know how I feel when you do this to me.”

I finger-fucked him for a while longer, then pulled out and took the condom. “Stay relaxed, guy.”

I tore open the wrapper and carefully unrolled the rubber onto my cock, which had stayed hard all this time, then spread lube over the latex. To reassure Ted I applied more to his hole. When that was done I dropped the tube on the table, leaned down and kissed him.

“You’re doing great,” I told him. “I am so looking forward to this.”

He nodded, worry battling with eagerness in his face. I straightened and placed his legs on my shoulders, then aimed my cock between his cheeks, searching with one finger until I found his hole again. I put the head of my dick on it, then looked him in the eye.

“I’m going in. Take deep breaths, just relax, buddy.”

I began to push forward, very slowly. I felt his flesh resisting.

“Try and relax,” I repeated.

His face was tense. I could tell he wanted me to stop, but I didn’t. I felt myself begin to penetrate his flesh, and using every ounce of self-control, slowed down even more, letting the head of my cock gradually open him up. Another fraction of an inch and all of the head was inside him. Finally I eased in a bit more and felt the ring of his sphincter muscle grip my shaft. I was inside.

Ted cried out in panic. “Stop!”

“Shh, take it easy, man. I’m not going any further.”

His face was twisted in pain. “Oh god, it hurts, Brian. Maybe we shouldn’t do this–“

I knew this was probably going to happen, and I took charge. “You’re just cramping, Ted, you’re not used to something coming in instead of going out. It’ll get better in just a minute.”

He looked unconvinced, but I didn’t give in. “I’m not forcing you, guy. Keep breathing. Just trust me. Trust me.”

I could see him trying to relax, trying to follow my instructions. “You’re doing fine. If it doesn’t stop hurting, I’ll pull out, I promise. Relax… relax,” I said softly, stroking his arm. Silence fell, except for the sound of our breathing.

Then I felt something give inside Ted’s body. “It’s not so bad now,” he said.

I still didn’t move. I heard his quick intakes of breath, then a long sigh.

“Oh, my.”

I smiled. I knew that his pain had passed and pleasure was welling up inside him. “How do you feel now?” I asked, thinking I probably knew the answer.

“It’s incredible,” Ted gasped. I slid further in, feeling his fuck chute open in response. Finally my balls were pressed against his cheeks. “I’m all the way in, baby,” I said.

Ted made a sound that was half gasp, half laughter. He tossed his head from side to side. “I can’t believe it. I’m taking a cock up my ass. Shit, it’s great. Fuck me, Brian.”

“You got it.” I began to move my hips back and forth, watching the play of emotions on Ted’s face, as the experience he had fantasized about for so long became reality. “Fuck me,” he repeated. His hands gripped my butt, urging me further into him.

“Damn, you’re hot,” I muttered. “So fucking tight. Sweet ass.”

I straightened and looked down at my slick pole sheathed in latex as it slid in and out of his greasy hole like a machine. I varied my motions, slowing down to give us a breather, then speeding up again. Through it all Ted’s eyes never left my face. A smile played on his lips.

Finally we couldn’t hold back any longer. Ted gripped his cock and began to stroke it. I leaned down and put my mouth to his. We kissed passionately as we rushed toward completion. Ted was making incoherent noises against my lips. I released his mouth and he shouted, “Fuck I’m going to cum!”

I felt warm, sticky wetness between our sweaty, heaving bodies and knew he was shooting his load. Several huge thrusts and I was shouting too as I delivered my own spunk into the rubber deep inside him.

His arms went around me as our frenzied motions slowed and we caught our breaths. I raised my head and smiled into his eyes. “Happy Birthday, Ted,” I said.

He didn’t smile back. His eyes glistened and he gripped my neck in a hard embrace. “Oh, Brian,” he said against my shoulder, his voice wavering. He laid his head back down on the table with a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

“Thank you. That was the best birthday present I ever had.”

I looked at his firm masculine body and his handsome face, grave and peaceful. I had told Ted I wasn’t doing him out of charity, and at that moment I knew how true that was. This man was a hot fuck and a great guy. Now that it was over, I wanted him again. And I wanted him inside me. How all this was going to change what we had, I didn’t know. I pushed aside the questions in my mind. That part could wait.

I pulled out of him gently so he could relax his legs, took a nearby towel, and wiped him off as he had so often done for me. When I was done, I laid a hand on his stomach. “How about we take a shower, get dressed and go have a birthday dinner?” I asked.


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