Auditioning Steven

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The first time I saw Steven I thought he was just some goofy kid. There I was, sitting in a conference room flipping through headshots. I put aside a photo of Dwayne, the pudgy man performing in front of me – obviously in his mid-thirties despite his résumé’s claim of being twenty-seven – to a Polaroid of some kid’s face. Yes, a Polaroid. Where all the other headshots were professional eight-by-ten photos, this boy had sent a color Polaroid. He must’ve held a camera at arms length and snapped it himself. The name “Steven” was hand-written in the white border at the bottom of the photo. I laughed out loud, drawing a glare from Dwayne in mid-performance.

“Thanks, Dwayne, that’s all I need,” I interrupted; paying back the bitchy glance he had given me with an obvious rejection.

I work as an art director at a corporate communications firm. But since my major in college was Theatre the company I work for also has me write and direct live events and videos. Most of the time we look for middle-aged everymen to pander to salespeople with lots of upbeat technical mumbo-jumbo about the newest server or software. I spent this day, however, auditioning young performers for a corporate video promoting a new energy drink. But the gig was non-union, meaning the pay was low, the hours long and most of the guys coming into the room were too old, too ugly, too fat, or some horrible combination of the three. The end of a very long day was quickly approaching and I couldn’t wait to get home and jack off.

As Dwayne grabbed his bag and left the room I looked again at Steven’s Polaroid. Like I said, he was a goofy kid. He looked to be barely twenty, with tussled brown hair and bright blue eyes. He had this lopsided smirk on his face and the photo was slightly blurry. He was cute, granted. But this kid must be completely off his rocker. I chuckled again as I heard the conference room door open and close. I looked up to see Steven standing in front of me, shuffling his weight a bit from side to side. The only way I recognized him was by the unkempt brown hair and the hypnotic color of his eyes that were just as striking in person as in his photograph. They weren’t just blue, but some kind of piercing combination of cyan and silver amidst large, clear pools of white. The rest of him was totally unexpected, however, and my cock immediately lurched.

Steven was exquisitely shaped. He stood about 5’6″ and probably weighed 120 pounds wet. He wore a very small green and light blue-striped t-shirt, a pair of brown corduroy pants and red tennis shoes with white laces. Though he was light and thin, his tight shirt revealed flat, square pectorals and a hint of a washboard stomach. His arms were slightly cut, showing off small but perfectly formed biceps and triceps. His skin was pale and smooth – almost as if someone had painted him with flesh-colored cream. His torso formed a distinct “V” shape as it tapered down into a tiny waist. But the best thing about him was his posture. He kind of stood into his hips, jutting his pelvis forward in a very manly way that was in sharp contrast to his boyish beauty. I figured he must be wearing boxers, because what appeared to be a big cock and set of balls hung out and straight down rather casually in his loose-fitting trousers.

“Hi. My n-name’s uh… Steven.” He stammered a bit, obviously nervous. I heard a southern drawl in his voice and immediately knew he wasn’t from New York. He approached the table at which I was sitting and stuck out his hand.

I stood up to shake it. As I was standing I sucked in my nearly flat stomach and puffed up my chest just a little. I’m forty-four years old and some say really attractive. I’m 6’3″, just shy of two hundred pounds and fairly hairy. I work out several times a week and stay active. There’s a touch of both Italian and Cherokee in my family tree so I have a slightly tanned color even in the winter. I have dark brown hair with just a few hints of gray at my temples. I had overslept the last two days in a row and a short, thick scruff grew on my face. I guess Steven was a little shaken by my size because as I stood up his eyes widened just a bit. I shook his damp and clammy hand a little more firmly than I should and allowed our first physical contact to linger.

“I’m Raf,” I smiled. Steven smiled back, showing off the lopsided grin from the Polaroid. “It’s short for Raphael, but I never go by anything but Raf.”

“It’s a cool name,” he said, obviously feeling a bit braver than before. He didn’t move to break our lingering grasp of each other’s hand. I could feel my cock swelling so I quickly pulled back my hand and sat down. I never wanted to become one of those lecherous directors, no matter how many times I masturbated fantasizing about popping off a load into the mouth of a cute young thing during an audition. I was determined to keep this business-like no matter how much I wanted him. I felt the tip of my cock release a pearl of pre-cum.

“Tell me a little about yourself, Steven,” I said looking him up and down.

“Well, illegal bahis I’m uh… I’m from a small town in West Virginia and I just came to the city a week ago. I’ve always wanted to be an actor, but my parents can’t afford to send me to college. So I worked h-hard and saved my money after high school and moved to the city as soon as I could afford it. I figure who needs college if you can learn your craft working, right? So now all I need is a j-job.” Steven absent-mindedly adjusted his package.

I’ve got a j-job for you my boy, I thought. Then I came back to reality and said, “That’s great, Steve!” I overcompensated with a giddy exuberance to make up for my dirty old mind.

“Oh, please call me S-Steven. I like it when you— I mean…” he said laughing nervously, “I mean I like it when people call me Steven.”

“No problem, Steven. I like saying it,” I said smiling. He smiled, too.

“Okay, Steven, let’s get to it. Grab a can of that crap,” I said pointing to the cans of energy drink in a nearby cooler “and read the lines off of the cue card on the easel. When you’re done with the lines, pop open the can and take a big swig. And remember, no matter how much you hate the stuff smile and act like it tastes good, okay?”

“No problem,” he said grabbing a can.

He read the lines like a professional. Amazing how a kid from West Virginia with no training can walk into a room nervous and read commercial copy like a seasoned pro. When it comes to performing I guess you’ve either got it or you don’t. And this kid had it. I would’ve wanted to strip this kid down and swallow his cock even if he was the worst actor in the world. But now that I was seeing him perform so well, he melted my heart, too.

When it came time for him to open the drink, however, he wasn’t so successful. He reached for the aluminum tab on the top of the can and tried to flip it open with his finger but it slipped. He tried again. This time I could hear the first “POP” of the tab, but the can slipped out of his hands and hit the floor with a thud. Everything else happened in an instant.

Immediately a fountain of yellow, carbonated fluid spewed out from the top of the can like a geyser. The can spun around on the floor like a rocket soaking everything within six feet of Steven. All he could say was “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as he bent over and chased the can around his feet. Steven had foamy bubbles on his face and hair, the front of this shirt and all over his pants. I pulled a tissue out of a box on the table in front of me and jumped up to help him as the spewing slowed to a stop.

Steven bent back upright and just looked at me. He was wet in splotches from head to toe. His arms were at his side, spread out a bit from his body and liquid dripped from the tips of his fingers. His eyes were wide from the shock and his mouth was agape. I handed him a single tissue – a completely futile gesture – and we both burst out laughing together.

“I am soooo sorry!” Steven said between uncontrollable giggles.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said heading back for more tissues. “It was the best thing I’ve seen all day! Come here,” I gestured with a handful of tissues. “You’re soaked.”

Steven walked towards me and without thinking I reached out and started blotting his flat stomach myself. He tensed a bit at first and I could feel his abdomen ripple beneath his wet shirt. He kept his arms at his side and let me dry him as best I could. He watched my hand move from blotting his stomach and up past his pecs. His nipples were standing at attention. I intentionally brushed one of them and it instantly hardened even more. As I brought the tissue to his neck I stopped patting and started to caress his wet, milky-smooth skin. The smile left his face and he calmly looked me in the eyes.

My God he’s beautiful, I thought as I lightly brushed his cheek with the tissues. He reached for my mouth.

“You have some foam in your scruff,” he said and wiped the bubbles from the corner of my mouth. My lips parted from the pressure and he stopped dead in his tracks. After a moment, he slowly began to trace the outline of my mouth with the tip of his thumb. I dropped the tissue to reach up and caress his cheek, cupping the side of his head with my hand. It was so big in comparison that I could wrap my fingertips around the back of his head as the butt of my hand rested just beside his mouth. His lips parted slightly and he licked them.

His hand moved down from my mouth and rested with his palm flat on my chest. His hand felt hot to me now, not clammy like it was when I shook it earlier. He smiled lightly with a very hungry look on his face. I smiled too. Minutes seemed to go by. We simply stood and stared at each other, he touching my chest and I lightly caressing his cheek. We were both powerless to break the contact. It was incredible. I inhaled and could hear a vibrato to my breath from the excitement. I felt embarrassed until I noticed Steven’s jaw trembling ever so slightly. He was as nervous and illegal bahis siteleri excited as I was. Then a knock came at the door and the magical moment was gone. Steven’s entire body immediately jumped at the fright and he looked frantic.

“Everybody else is a no-show, so this one’s the last of the day,” said my assistant Miranda, busting into the room without warning.

Steven stepped back a foot or two, his eyes darting around the room frantically. He suddenly grabbed his bag and ran out without a word. My heart sank. I was frenzied, trying to figure out how I could run after him without Miranda being any the wiser.

“What happened in here?” Miranda said, looking around. She didn’t seem to have noticed the intimacy I was sharing with Steven when she burst into the room, but rather seemed to be speaking of the wet mess on the floor.

“I don’t… I don’t know,” I stammered. I looked at the empty can and clumps of tissue in the middle of the room. “He spilled his drink and… I don’t know. He just ran.”

Miranda acted like nothing had happened. “I’m gonna head out if you don’t mind.” She turned and left the room without waiting for my answer.

“I can handle it,” I said to no one quietly without taking my eyes off the floor.

I was trying to make sense of things. This incredible experience had just happened between Steven and I. We had connected with each other – found something exciting and important. And we had turned each other on, big time. Plus the fact that I was twenty-five years his senior –something that usually makes me self-conscious and feeling like a lecherous old man – left me feeling even hornier. My rock-hard cock was raging in my pants. I couldn’t ride home on the subway like that so I left the mess for the night janitor and headed to the bathroom for a wank.

I stood in front of the toilet and rubbed my cock through my khaki pants. It pulsed involuntarily as I unzipped, unbuckled and dropped my pants & underwear. My cock sprang up and the bathroom air felt cold and exhilarating on my heated erection. The tip of my dick was slathered in pre-cum. I rubbed my finger through it, wetting the tip, and brought the stuff to my face. I rubbed the slimy fluid on my upper lip, deeply inhaling the musk as I thought of Steven. The only person’s cum I’d allowed myself to eat for the last twenty or so years had been my own. And, as always, the taste of it sent me over the edge. I savored my salty juice as I rabbit-jacked my cock with the other hand. In seconds, my orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. Over my uncontrollable moans I heard plop after plop as my ejaculate blasted into the deepest water of the bowl. I raised myself up on my tiptoes and clenched my thighs and buttocks and my head became light. With a final “Aaaarrrrggghhh!” one last, huge string of jism splattered the wall next to the toilet tank. Panting, I grabbed the top of the stall to steady myself and tears of exertion clouded my vision. I lifted one final drop of cum from my cock hole and sucked it into my mouth, savoring the flavor of my own thick juice.

It was the best orgasm I’d had in recent memory. Not since I was a kid had I shot my load so quickly. And the sensation of being completely emptied of cum left my balls aching in a very satisfying way. I felt a tickle in the nerves on the underside of my scrotum as my plumbing rushed to re-supply my balls with seed. I bent over to grab my pants and my head felt dizzy. Damn! What had this boy done to me?! Although I felt great at having cum so hard and so fast, part of me felt alone and empty. This boy who’d spun my world upside down in five minutes ran out of my life just as quickly as he entered it. At least I’ll have weeks of fodder for my masturbatory fantasies, I thought.

Having put myself back together I left the bathroom for the hallway and ran smack head into Mike the janitor.

“Oh, shit! Sorry, Mike!” I said.

Mike had a mop in his hand and the hallway floor was wet. Oh fuck, I thought, he must’ve heard me in there. My fears were confirmed when a devilish grin spread across the old bastard’s face.

“TGIF, huh Raf?” he said with a wink and he returned his attention to mopping the floor.

“Yeah, uh… have a good one Mike,” I said rushing past him and down the hall. I grabbed my bag out of my office and headed out. As the main glass doors of the office closed behind me I imagined that old gray-haired pervert Mike kneeling beside the toilet and licking my jizz off the tile wall. I felt another tickle underneath my balls.

I hit the down button on the elevator and a “DING” immediately sounded. My lucky day, I thought. The elevators are so damned slow in the building it was rare for one to come so quickly. Ha! Come so quickly. I laughed thinking of my bathroom orgasm as I raised my hand to my nose and inhaled the remaining scent of my spunk. As the elevator doors opened I was pleasantly shocked to see Steven standing in front of me, still wet in spots with energy drink. He jumped a bit when he saw canlı bahis siteleri me but didn’t say anything. Neither did I. We just stood there for several seconds staring at each other. We both slowly smiled and the doors started to close.

I stuck my hand out to stop them and rushed into the elevator. I dropped my bag on the floor and grabbed Steven, lifting him up to my mouth and immediately kissing him. A dried film from the energy drink tasted sweet on his lips. He put his arms around my neck and opened his mouth with a groan. We were both in a frenzy. We passionately licked and chewed each other, mixing our saliva and exploring every inch of each other’s mouth. Steven wrapped his legs around my waist and I felt his hot, hard cock against my belly. I pushed forward, slamming him up against the wall. Steven pulled his mouth away from mine, buried his face in my neck and clutched me. We were both breathing fast and deep, as if we’d just ran a mile.

“Why did you run away from me?” I whispered, kissing him on the temple.

“I was scared. Scared of that woman, scared of what was happening.” He continued to grind his hard cock into my stomach as he spoke. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I’ve never met anyone and just… just…”

“I know, I know. It’s okay. Me neither,” I said into his ear. “I’m just glad you came back.”

“Me too. I’m sorry I ran. But this was my first audition and here I was lusting after the man I wanted to hire me.” He babbled now, as if a dam had broken and everything he wanted to say was spewing out all at once. As innocent and naïve as this made him seem, however, he never stopped grinding into me like a dog in heat. “You are so big and handsome and hot and I just freaked out, I guess, when…”

I shushed him. “I like you, too.”

He pulled back a few inches and looked at me seriously for a moment. Then he lunged forward again, jutting his tongue into my mouth. Now it was I grinding my rock-hard erection against Steven. I had gone completely ape shit for this kid. I turned around and hit the emergency stop button with my fist. The elevator lurched once to a stop and the lights went out. In the darkness I could hear us both breathing. Steven clutched me harder.

A moment later, a red emergency light blinked on. It was still pretty dark, but I could clearly see Steven’s eyes widen as I put him down onto his feet, grabbed his waist and slid down to my knees. I pressed my face into his crotch and moved my head from side to side. His cock was standing straight up, lying against his body under his pants. I looked up at him in time to see him mouth “Oh my God!” silently and lean his head back against the elevator wall. I undid the snap of his brown corduroys, unzipped him and dropped his pants. The little bugger wasn’t wearing any underwear! His cock couldn’t have been more than seven inches, but it looked huge on his small frame. He was uncut, and the head of his dick was poking out from the hood of his foreskin, wet and dripping. A fat ridge ran down the underside of his entire length. I reached out and touched it, moving the load of spew just beneath the skin from side to side with my finger. I put my hand on his abdomen and pulled his cock down and away from his body. The top of his dick was crisscrossed with veins that looked blue in the red light. I carefully peeled back his foreskin and licked the underside of his cock head. It, too, tasted sweet. He gasped.

With my other hand I cupped his balls. They hung low and were silky smooth. A nearly transparent carpet of light brown hair covered them. I moved my forefinger underneath and to the back of them and pressed against his taint as I took the entire length of his cock into my wet mouth.

“Ah! Ah! Aaaaahhh!” he said, nearly shouting. “Ah, Raf! Suck my dick!”

I gorged myself on his pole. I pulled as much saliva as I could into my mouth and drowned his cock in the hot wetness while I swirled my tongue around and beneath his pulsing head. I lunged down his length again, forcing the head of his cock through that last point of resistance at the base of my throat. When I felt his hard dick pop through and down into my esophagus, I massaged the base of his cock and his balls with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” he growled. “Oh God, Raf. It’s so good! I never knew it could be so good!”

I pulled my mouth away from his cock long enough to ask, “Having sex in an elevator?” I gave the tip of his pole a playful lick and smiled.

“No,” he said incredulously. “Having sex.”

I gulped. Did he just say what I think he said? I couldn’t believe such a little hornball in heat had never gotten his cock sucked before! “Do you mean you’ve never had sex?”

He looked down at me, almost as if I’d hurt his feelings. “Why do you think I freaked out on you like that? You’re everything I ever dreamed of back in West Virginia. But I never met anyone that I could… well, that I knew was… you know!”

“Gay?” I said, almost impatiently.

“Well, yeah. You don’t know what it’s like. I mean I knew I was gay. But I didn’t know anyone else in my hometown that was. And my parents are so strict. I couldn’t try anything until I’d left home.” He nearly pleaded, it seemed, hoping I wouldn’t be angry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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