A Very Seductive Dad

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My name is Terri. If you read my profile you know that I am a very horny mature housewife that cannot be completely satisfied. I enjoy reading the stories here and getting off several times. My husband and I both have a special interest in incest and black on white sex. All my characters are 18 or over and willing partners for the most part. I would like for my stories to be short and to the point sexually. You decide if you think they are true or semi-true and send me an e-mail or comment. Enjoy and be kind.

My dad and I had a rather volatile relationship as I grew up. He was moody but loving and fun at times and at others he was hard and demanding. I could never totally please him, so we fought a lot. I was the oldest of four kids, so I had to help mom out with them a lot. Dad always yelled at us and seemed angry most of the time. I later figured out the reason and found myself doing the same things. So begins my story.

I wanted to get out of the house and on my own and away from him. I started working in a beauty shop at a young age and decided to make that my profession in life. I graduated from high school and was dating around but still lived at home.

Suddenly it seemed, Dad began to take a special interest in my work and dating “for some reason” and would stay up late waiting for me to come in so we could talk. I noticed a change in the way he talked to me as if we were equals now. He seemed to respect me more. It was one of these late night encounters that changed both our lives forever.

My current boyfriend and I had been making out in the driveway and he was fingering my wet pussy while I jerked him and gave him a blow-job. He was moaning and getting ready to cum in my mouth when the light came on in the garage and I heard him say, “It’s you dad! Shit, I’m cumming!!!”. I felt his hot cum blasting down my throat just as Daddy came to my side of the car. I swallowed most of it güvenilir bahis as we quickly tried to zip and cover up, but we were busted. He acted like he was really mad but I saw “a lustful look” on his face too. I got out and adjusted my clothes as best I could but I knew he had seen my tits and pussy. He told my boyfriend to have a good night and then followed me into the house.

I went straight to my bathroom to clean up with cum still in my mouth and throat and very furious with him for catching us. I was mad for one thing but mostly I was frustrated with him for interrupting before I had cum. I wanted relief so bad I was shaking. I went in and slammed the door and locked it. I sat down on the side of the tub and began to pull my panties off. They were soaked. I smelled and tasted my own juices as my fingers began to probe and stroke my clit and pussy. I was beginning to tremble as a little orgasm hit. I released my full tits from my bra and began to pinch the nipples.

“Baby….I’m sorry…can you let me in to talk?” Dad was gently tapping on the door. “Terri, honey…let me in.”

“Go away Dad…you ruined my night! I need some privacy!”

“Please…please…I just want to hold you and make things right.”

I covered my bare tits and unlocked the door. Dad slipped in and locked it back and before I could say a word, he pulled me close to him and hugged me and began to kiss my forehead and hair. I felt his love for maybe the first time since I was small and melted in his strong arms. I smelled his familiar aftershave and clean hard body. I also noticed his cock beginning to stiffen between my legs. I wanted him to hold me forever. The fight left me and I was his. My body was betraying me and while my brain said no to Dad’s seduction, my body screamed YES! My pussy was dripping with pre-cum and actually rugging down my legs. My heart pounded and my mouth turned to cotton. What was happening türkçe bahis to me?

“I’m so sorry for doing that but I just wanted to protect you…I…I…I love you baby. You are still my little girl in many ways but you have grown up and become beautiful and so….alluring…I…I mean…damn, Terri, you are just gorgeous. I have fought this for a long time…this feeling I have for you right now. Oh baby!”

I felt his cock getting bigger and harder, but I dared not move against it or say a word. I felt his big hands move down my back and to my ass. He boldly gave each cheek a squeeze and pushed me into his erection. I moaned a bit and that emboldened him more. He began to kiss my cheeks and eyes and nose while gently calling me honey and baby.

He moved one hand off my ass and around to my pussy and began to rub my mound. I felt his finger slid inside while his thumb worked magic on my swollen clit. I moaned and kept my eyes closed trying not to let him know that he was about to make me cum…but he knew and continued to work a second finger inside his own daughter’s wet pussy. I could not hold back another second and exploded around his large fingers. He did not stop fingering but began furiously working my G-Spot…something I did not know about at that time. When he did my legs gave way and I began to sink to the floor with him on top of me. My legs opened for him and I grabbed for his cock. It was standing out in his pants straining to be released. I began to tug on his belt and unzip him. He used one hand to help me and the other to maul my young soft titties and nipples. Finally, his cock sprung out and even though I had seen him naked many times, the sheer size of his swollen cock shocked me. I looked at it and then into his eyes which were glazed over with pure lust and desire for his daughter. I stripped off my dress and lay spread out on the rug waiting for my dad to mount me. He seemed to güvenilir bahis siteleri hesitate over me taking in my body and face.

“Do you really want this?” he asked. I touched his face and his lips guiding him down to my own. It was a soft kiss, not unlike my boyfriend but for some reason it felt good and right. His tongue probed inside and he began to kiss more passionately and harder. I melted and kissed him back running my hands through his hair and down his shoulders and back raking him with my nails. His cock was at the entrance of my pussy pushing and throbbing, waiting for me to allow him inside. I reached between us and found his hard cock and guided it into me. I winched and groaned as he pushed the bulbous head between my lips. He stopped, waiting for me to adjust to his size. We continued to kiss and grope. He pushed again and I felt some pain but the pleasure was far greater.

“Baby, are you ready for Daddy to fuck you like you need to be fucked?”

“Yes….YES!! Fuck me Daddy…Make me cum!”

That first time with him was one of my best times. I guess the first time doing most anything is, but it only got better and better. I remember the feeling of his long fat shaft sliding in and hitting my cervix. It was enough to set off several spasms of orgasms that made me almost pass out. I remember him covering my mouth with his and kissing me because I was thrashing around on the floor and screaming. I to this day do not know why Mom did not hear me…maybe she did.

Dad fucked me over and over that night in my bed with me cumming several times to his three times. He had a difficult time keeping me quite. I even squirted a couple of times.

I found out that the reason for his moody ways and anger was that he was not getting satisfaction from Mom. As it turned out, he and I were a lot alike in that respect. I could not get complete satisfaction and still can’t even after just being fucked and cumming several times. I still crave more than what I can get. He was the same way….like father , like daughter.

Note: I have many more experiences to share if I get enough good comments.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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